Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stock arrive : 22 June 2010

Superheadz Kuro Digi - keychain sized digital lomo


Following the success of their redesigned vq1005 (NicoDigi), Superheadz has just released a new version of the vq2005, KuroDigi.

The nicodigi comes in a white body with a bubbly colourful front plate, whereas the kurodigi is designed in exquisite rubberised matt black body. Similarly, the KuroDigi produces nostalgic and mellow images just like the NicoDigi. However, the KuroDigi has a sensor pixel of 2.0M!


Pixels : 2.0 mega pixels
Recorded Pixels : Still image: 1600 × 1200,1200 × 1024,640 × 480
Video: 320 × 240
Exposure : Auto
White Balance : Auto
Main memory : 8MB
Batteries : AAA battery
Supported OS : vista Windows98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / vista
SD Card : Recommended 512MB, supports up to 2GB (FREE !)


- KuroDigi Camera
- 1 AAA battery
- USB cable

Sample Shots :
Rm235 ( free 2gb card )
Free shipping
Available now : 5 units only !!!


Fujifilm Instax 210

Sample Shots :

Rm450 ( 2 box films )
Free shipping via Skynet

Available NOW !!
Limited 3 units


  1. boss that keychain lomo
    not as pretty as the x version xD

  2. haha .. the tunnel effect better than x:version ~!

  3. errr.. this one is better than x version?

  4. how much is kurodigi? n which one better btween dis kurodigi n x version? pls advice.. :)

  5. emylia : both are not same effect
    kuro digi Rm235 with 2gb card + shipping , got ready stock now

  6. hi, i had interest on the kurodigi.
    if i place order, how long can i get the item and is there any warranty for this item?

  7. im i would like to be advised which one is better, kurodigi or x version?please state the reason(s) if any..tq

  8. hi. can i know how much this kurodigi? and is it include usb cable, manual,and battery?

  9. kuro = Rm235 +2gb card + shipping

    instax 210 = rm450 with 2 films + shipping

  10. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  11. juz wanna to ask
    if i place a order for kurodigi..
    how long i will get it ???